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Turn your crew into a Dream Team

We work with you to get more motivated teams. Bibagu will help you measure and improve the well-being of your team thanks to a simple, attractive and reliable platform.

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A platform to enhance the talent of teams, improving their well-being at work.

Recibe feedback diario

Receive daily feedback

Collect daily indicators on how people in your team feel about different areas of their work thanks to a simple survey that is sent every day by email.

Mejora la experiencia de tu equipo

Improve your team's experience

Based on the evolution of the indicators collected in the daily surveys, Bibagu will propose improvement actions to anticipate possible problems and enhance those aspects that are working well.

What kind of improvements will Bibagu propose to me?

Obten informes mensuales

Get customized reports

Get customized reports that will allow you to assess the evolution of the different indicators of your organization, providing you key information about the well-being of your teams.

Why worry about turning your team into a Dream Team?


Fideliza al equipo

Build loyalty to your team

A people-centered organizational culture favors the engagement of those who work in it.

Atrae mejor talento

Attract better talent

More and more people value non-economic factors when choosing a job. Turn your organization into a “best place to work”.

Mejora el desempeño

Improve performance

Having talented and motivated people brings with it an improvement in team performance.

¿Por qué preocuparte por convertir tu equipo en un Dream Team?

Still not sure?

At Bibagu we are clear about the value of data to make decisions. For this reason, we leave you recent studies that talk about the importance of taking care of the well-being of your team.

Slide Happiness at work eliminates labor turnover by up to 51% and increases the retention of the organization's workforce and talent by 44%. Source: Gallup New Layer Slide Companies with happy employees have an increase in employee productivity of 31% and an increase in sales of 37%. Fuente: Shawn Achor, “The Happiness Advantage” book Slide Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their jobs better. Fuente: Salesforce Slide A team of four happy employees may be able to do the work of five unhappy employees. Source: Harvard Business Review

Improve your team's wellbeing:


  • Analysis and evolution of indicators
  • Data filtering
  • Direct feedback from work teams
  • Weekly reports for the company and participants
  • Improvement proposals based on indicators

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¿Preparado para hacer equipo?

Ready to team up?

If you want to make dream teams, you can start today. If you have any questions, below you will find different ways to contact our team.

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Book a demo

A person from our team will advise you on how to get the most out of Bibagu.

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Bibagu Academy

Bibagu Academy

If you want to see how the platform works, you are one click away from the Bibagu Academy tutorials..

Bibagu Academy

Bibagu Academy

Wellness Resources

At Bibagu we work to achieve happier work teams. In this section we leave free resources that can help improve the well-being of work teams.

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